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Customer service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. Customer service is internal and external when you work for a company. Your personality, attitude and ability to relate to another person is key to building relationships.  Customers are seeking someone who can be: 

C – Courteous

U – Understanding

S – Satisfying

T – Timely

O – Observing

M – Meeting Expectations

E – Exceptional

R – Resolving

Customer service is being able to listen and understand another’s problem. It’s being able to provide solutions to resolve concerns. It’s observing behaviors and being able to address issues in a timely manner. It’s providing exceptional service in a courteous manner.

Understanding your audience and how to present yourself is key to any working relationship. Even if you are not in a customer service position, your co-workers are affected by your ability to articulate appropriate communication both verbal and non-verbal. It’s essential on the job to be able to relate to your co-workers. Many people don’t understand the importance of relating. It’s critical to success in any job. The ability to respond to directives and carry out functions on your job all relate to your ability to communicate appropriately. Having appropriate communication is a part of providing a service whether this service is to an actual customer, vendor, manager, or co-worker. It’s important that you distinguish the relationship and the type of service you should be providing.

Employers are seeking people with good verbal and non-verbal communication, attentive to detail, someone who can listen, neat appearances, willingness to do and go above and beyond when it’s needed. Employers want an employee who can gain customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is what keeps companies in business.

If you are seeking a customer service position, acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, understand your responsibility to the company and customer and provide the level of service you expect to receive.

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