job-seeker-using-tabletEmployment Marketplace is equipped to understand not just your individual skills and experiences, but also your personal career aspirations. We work tirelessly to ensure job seekers get connected to employers that have positions to complement and strengthen skills by matching expectations and values with the culture and requirements of targeted employers.

We provide active and passive job seekers all the tools needed to grow their careers and land the perfect job. Whether you are searching for a new job or just looking for ways to improve your performance on the job, Employment Marketplace is here to help you advance to the next level.

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Searching for employment can be frustrating and down-right stressful.


We hear stories all the time of job seekers being told they are:

Not the right fit



Overcoming challenges in searching for employment is where we can provide support. You may not be the right fit for a number of reasons. Perhaps you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and interviewed poorly. Perhaps something tragic happened recently, and it’s challenging to get your bearings together. Whatever the case, Employment Marketplace has solutions to overcome employment barriers.

The key to getting employment is:

  • Preparation
  • Research
  • Targeting positions by selling your abilities, experience, and skills

Everyone has barriers to employment. To overcome yours, think like the employer.

  • Make connections and build relationships.
  • Networking connects you with industry leaders. Create conversations.
  • Understand the employer application process, including tools used to screen applicants out.

Bridge the communication gap job seekers and employers often face. Get the results you desire.

At Employment Marketplace we’re committed to taking you to the next level!

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