Aligning great talent with clients’ needs is at the core of who we are. Throughout our journey of strategic recruiting, we’ve been deeply invested in celebrating the richness of diversity and inclusion, and equity and equality. We believe that the mark of a leading company is in its practice of recognizing and incorporating the values and experiences of individuals and groups from across the world.


HR Management

We move and develop people to help maximize performance! Our team will implement policies, procedures and processes to enhance your workplace culture and set the tone so you can focus on what you do best, LEAD! We can work with you on contract and help support your HR department with management, recruitment, or payroll until we help you identify a FT person to take over. CONTACT US NOW TO DISCUSS YOUR NEEDS!

Talent Acquisition

We partner with employers to provide a suite of services to accommodate your recruiting needs. Our expertise is people.


interviewerHow do you outsmart recruiting challenges?

  • The need to make a speedy hire?
  • Not having enough candidates in your pipeline to make a sound hiring decision?
  • Not having enough recruiting resources?
  • Not being able to identify candidates with skills you need to run daily operations?
  • Understanding and utilizing measurable analytics to streamline recruiting task or track expenses?
  • Finding solid workers who fit your company culture and mission?

We help you identify qualified talent

Employment Market place understands your challenges. We’ve developed a consortium of partnerships to help leverage your connections with passive and active job seekers. The difference in our business is:

  • Applicants are screened based on essential details you need to know upfront!
  • Connections are personal. We believe in creating relationships.
  • Through community involvement we leverage connections by networking, social media and identifying potential leads and referring them directly to you!
  • Networking events, and job fairs are identified ahead of time. We keep you in the loop!
  • We’re responsive, collaborative, and committed to helping you target qualified talent to fill your pipelines.

At Employment Marketplace we understand the grunts, and pains of recruiting and hiring, and frankly we like it. Our staff work with you to understand your needs, scope of work, company and culture.  Who does that?  WE DO!

employers-reviewing-resumesOur Nationwide Job Board is Designed to……….

Drive applicant traffic to your website

Provide you with screened candidate referrals

Reduce recruiting cost

Provide you with unlimited access to the resume database

Job posting that distributes your jobs to multiple job boards and local community partners within your niche.


Our contract staffing and direct-hire division is set-up to work for you! Read more about how you can Outsource Recruiting.



We can help you register your business and strategically create systems, policies and processes  to jump start your new business on the right foot forward.  YOUR ONE STOP EMPLOYMENT MARKETPLACE! 

Read to learn more about our Start-up Business Package.


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