July 12, 2017

By Margaret Sanders, Employment Marketplace

Job Search & To Do’s

Searching for a job can be frustrating, but there are several things you can do to make your job search more manageable. Waiting for the phone to ring isn’t one of them. Staying active and including specific job search activities into your day can make your day more productive. When you are productive it’s easier to move from A to B and track your steps.

Try these simple tips.

  1. Job Boards – There are thousands of job boards to choose from. Signing up with a few can help network with multiple employers. Most job boards include your own account page where you can upload your resume and apply for multiple positions. This is a winner! Usually your contact information isn’t exposed to the employer until they agree to the terms of the job board. Most people these days are reluctant to sign up with job boards because of fear of job boards sharing their contact information, however most times the job board has a secure site and personal information isn’t readily available to the public. Take our site for a test drive and register now!
  2. Community Organizations – Your community has a local state office or local organization that will help you identify employment. If you are already working with a state agency usually it’s easier to get referred. Most organizations have job developers that work with you one on one to access your career path, and skills. Typically they have a network of employers they work with. In my experience they meet directly with employers to develop relationships to keep you abreast of opportunities that may be available.
  3. Networking – Today you can find several meet and greet opportunities. Some are free or charge a small fee to get in. Usually you have to register to attend. Eventbrite is a good resource for keeping up with what events are happening in your area. Networking is a great way to introduce yourself to employers and people in the community. Keep in mind, it’s always about who you know that can help introduce you to your next employer. Social media is also networking. Create social media accounts on FB, LI, and Twitter. Make it appealing. Invite friends and let them know you are searching. Follow employers, research companies and people. LinkedIn is a great social connection to those who do the hiring!
  4. Staffing Agencies – Staffing agencies are a great way to bridge the gap in employment; a great way to explore career opportunities and a fantastic way to gain new skills. Signing up with a staffing agency is easy. Most agencies have an online application process. Once you get through the application the process is generally painless. Most agencies have some form of assessments to evaluate your skills. These assessments although can be long, are quite helpful to the agency in matching your skills to the job qualifications. Once you’ve completed your assessments, generally you’ll need to do some form of in person interview. Some of us have the ability to be virtual and use Skype! Either way some form of communication between you and the recruiter should be expected. Note, that when you register with a staffing agency you will be required to undergo pre-employment screening. Pre-employment screening usually involves reference checks. Go prepared! Call your references ahead of time to ask their permission if you can use them. It’s easier to get a job when someone can vouch for your experience. Before the job offer expect to have a background check and possibly a request to take a drug screen. Depending on the job and the employers companies policies. The take away from working with an agency is, “use this as your opportunity to try and shine.”  Contact us now for temp or direct hire opportunities.
  5. Volunteer – Volunteering can be rewarding. You can gain new skills, help your community and contribute your time to make a greater impact on behalf of another. It’s a great way to form new relationships, explore opportunities and give back to your community.

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