July 12, 2017

By Margaret Sanders, Employment Marketplace

Your Hour of Power – The Interview

So an employer you applied with for a job with has called you to schedule an interview? THAT’S GREAT NEWS! So now what? Some job seekers are extremely nervous when it comes to the interview and do nothing to prepare. The confident job seekers may ask, but why? Other job seekers may say, who cares, I know I got this. The job seekers who want to be prepared may say, what will I wear? Who am I interviewing with? Do I know enough about the company? Do I have a copy of the job description? Is my transportation available? Do I have childcare?

Common behaviors, because we’re all human, right? So, what can you do to ensure you are prepared and can walk in confident, natural and put on your market me hat?

 1.  Know WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE your interview is!

  • If you can’t get anything else right, know when your interview is scheduled. Mark it on the calendar, put it in your phone, or for peeks sake write yourself a sticky note and put it somewhere noticeable.
  • MapQuest or Google the address ahead of time. Know how long it will take to commute from your destination to the interviewers destination. If you are taking public transportation, know what bus to catch and what time it comes. Know how long it will take you to walk to and from the bus stop.

 2.   What is the name of the company?

  • Research the interviewer or hiring manager.
  • Research the company and what they do.
  • Understand their mission and values.
  • Are you able to commute daily?
  • What is the company industry?
  • Are you able to gage ahead of time if they offer growth?

 3.  What is the job description?

  • How do your experience, and skills (transferable, non-transferable) relate to the position?
  • What are your strengths? Weaknesses if any?

 4. Know your past work history.

  • What did you do in your last job?
  • What dates did you work?
  • Do you have any relevant experience?

5. What are you going to wear?

  • What type of environment is it? Warehouse? Professional? Casual?
  • Are your clothes neat and tidy?

6. Communication

  • Introduce yourself, shake hands, smile, be confident.
  • Stick to the questions. Allow the interviewer to lead the interview. Don’t interrupt and don’t provide TMI (too much information). Don’t overshare. Keep your personal life out of your interview.
  • Body language- sit up straight with your hands in your lap. Do not fidget, bounce your knee, lose eye contact or do anything that perceive you as being out of character, nervous, or uninterested.
  • Volume/tone- some people talk with a loud tone. Be aware of the volume of your voice and how your voice may carry. Disabilities you can’t help and are ok. However, know your tone. Do you sound upbeat? Energetic? Dry? Nervous? Anxious? Professional? Intellectual?
  • Ask questions – what is the management style? What are you looking for in your next employee? What is the scheduled shift? Company dress code? Do they offer benefits? What is the pay? How is performance measured? Is there overtime? What software programs do you use? What type of equipment is used? What does a typical day look like? What’s the best way to communicate with you? What are the next steps? What is the environment like? And the list can go on, but ask questions so that you understand what’s expected and where to go from here.

Some of you may already be seasoned in searching for employment, and some may need a little help. Everyone can hopefully take away something of value. Till next time. Get that job! Check out our job board and get your next job through Employment Marketplace.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Jimmy Dean

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